One Stop: Full Stack Revamp for Government Site

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OneStop Portal is the official government platform serving the residents and businesses of Maryland, offering convenient access to a wide range of essential services. Powered by Formability, our Admin application, an admin create user-friendly forms enriched with relevant information, including interactive maps, visual graphics, and intuitive organization. Simplifying user interactions with the state\'s services, it\'s your one-stop destination for licenses, forms, certificates, permits, applications, and registrations.

Project Goals:

The State of Maryland sought to elevate its existing user-facing website, aiming for a more refined and enriched user experience. With a substantial database of government forms, the objective was to seamlessly transform these resources into new web pages. Additionally, there was a pressing need for a robust platform capable of accommodating future form additions. Key requirements included the implementation of a powerful search feature, intuitive data visualization, and relevant mapping capabilities tailored to each form\'s context. To further enhance user engagement, the site would facilitate user logins, enabling form submission and real-time tracking of submission statuses.

Project Outcome:

We designed a multifaceted solution, beginning with the creation of Formability, a dedicated form builder application. Formability seamlessly integrated with the database and API, serving as the backbone for OneStop Portal\'s data requirements. Complementing this robust backend, we engineered a comprehensive Vue-based Front End UI. This UI was thoughtfully embedded into existing Ruby on Rails ERB templates, enhancing efficiency and user experience. *** By adopting a Single Page Application (SPA) approach, we optimized loading times, minimizing page refreshes, and reducing network overhead. This approach offered users a swift and fluid experience. To ensure rapid and precise form retrieval across the site, we implemented ElasticSearch indexing, enabling quick and efficient searches throughout the platform.