Aware3: Migrating a Legacy Codebase from Knockout.js to Vue and Laravel

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Aware3 is driven by a profound commitment to simplify engagement for its local church members. Seamlessly blending technical expertise with a relentless mission to foster nationwide community connections, Aware3, a subsidiary of Nelnet Inc., has charted a path of continuous expansion. Their platform now extends its reach across a diverse spectrum of devices, unlocking boundless opportunities for making a positive impact in the lives of countless individuals.

Project Goals:

Prior to our collaboration, Aware3 relied on a legacy system to manage its online appeals process. To facilitate the organization\'s growth, a critical upgrade was imperative to align with contemporary development standards. The in-house development team sought additional expertise and capacity to meet their ambitious project timeline. As part of the FullStack team supporting their existing development unit, Aware3 sought a partner capable of seamlessly integrating and ensuring the project\'s success.

Project Outcome:

I seamlessly integrated into their development team, employing an agile approach to enhance their existing capabilities. Our teams collaborated effectively, adhering to their coding guidelines and leveraging communication tools like Jira and Slack. We followed agile methodologies, including daily standups, three-week sprints, and Epic building, to maintain alignment. Our efforts resulted in the successful update of their legacy software to the latest tech stack, including PHP 8, Laravel 10, and Vue 3. We also introduced several new features, such as text and email integration for marketing and donation campaigns. Additionally, we enhanced their CRM with improved UI components and expanded API integrations.